The technology

Traffic's pattern recognition.

ITC develop state of the art machine learning algorithm that modulate the traffic patterns within the intersection.

Grid management.

The advance data-driven algorithm modulates the grid influence allowing the system to generate a tailor-made solution for its operating grid environment.

Traffic Real time prevention.

When the system recognizes traffic jams is starting to accumulate, it generates a tailor-made traffic program for the situation, and execute it through the traffic light controller

Traffic counting.

Provide 24/7 traffic counting, providing municipality historical information about the intersection behavior.

GPS oriented.

The system assists the GPS application information to understand the situation around the intersections.

Software solution.

ITC is a scalable software solution that could be run on the edge or on the cloud.

Big data.

Using the data the system gathers, it automatically improving the algorithm daily. This feature helps the system converge itself from day to day for the most suitable solution for the intersection.

Computer vision.

ITC has a 97% accuracy of object detection, tracking, and classification, with ultra-fast processing time; by build and design, it owns Neural Network architecture from scratch.

Contact Information

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