Benefits for the cities

Make the city more attractive, with better accessibility

  • Increase road efficiency, road capacity
  • Improve city cars flow
  • Reduce time its take to cross the city
  • Make pedestrians visible and priorities 
  • Significantly reduce CO2 emissions, make the city greener
  • Increase resident’s satisfaction 
  • Brand the city as an innovative city

Make the city safer

  • Save life’s, by real-time traffic accident prevention
  • Increase the citizens willingness to obey the law, by reducing their driving time
  • Recognize pedestrians hazard and prevent them in real-time
  • Emphasize areas with high accident probability, for further actions

Make the invisible – VISIBLE!

  • Real-time traffic counting, 24/7
  • Deep statistics on the traffic behavior in demand per day
  • Traffic jams peak prediction
  • Traffic jam accumulation alerts 
  • Reoccurring traffic jams location insights 
  • Provide demand distribution at the city locations
  • Automatic daily reports- directly to your email
  • Mark places require more attention from the city
  • wider approach for manage traffic, with more than doubled parameters than used before

Save money!

  • Reduce the money drivers spend on fuel
  • Reduce the price the traffic jams are cost to the municipality
  • Reduce the working time of traffic planners 
  • Prevent the need for new interchange, provide good enough alternative in fraction of cost

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