About Us

About ITC

ITC is an Israeli startup company, founded by Aharon Brauner and Dvir Kenig, two technological friends, that aim to be the ones that will make all of us spend less time on the road. The system calculates traffic patterns through a simple camera, collecting a range of parameters in real-time. Leveraging this data, ITC is using cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms, with different methods from the field of machine learning, assisting ITC to recognize small abnormalities and predict traffic jams enough time before they are starting to accumulate. The system is connected to the traffic light and adapts the time distribution to the situation.

Management Team

B.Sc Aharon Brauner

Co.Founder & CEO

Aharon is an electrical and computer engineer, graduated from Ben Gurion University, focused on RF and Electromagnetic waves distribution, VLSI, Semiconductors, and nanotechnology. Aharon is a technical manager with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the company. Aharon's strengths: High order of mathematical equations, Algorithms

B.Sc Dvir Kenig

Co.Founder & CTO

Dvir is an electrical and computer engineer, graduated from Ben Gurion University, focused on computer chip architecture (CPU hardware Design), deep learning, unsupervised learning, and advanced signal and image analysis algorithms. Dvir's strengths: Deep Learning, Supervised/Unsupervised Learning, Computer vision, DNN,CNN

Prof. Amir Geva

Chief Executive Scientist

Prof. Geva is a domain expert in the field of machine learning, with more than 100 patents that his name is included, and a range of world level technological breakthroughs in data science. Prof. Geva is an innovator, serial entrepreneur and a professor at Ben Gurion University. Prof. Geva serves as Elminda and Inereye CTO’s, innovative companies in the AI world, with a complex development process led by Prof. Geva.

Key feature: 

  • Pattern recognition
  • Traffic counting
  • Real time prevention.
  • Grid management.
  • GPS oriented.
  • Big data.
  • Software solution. 
  • Computer vision.

Contact Information

  • +972-077-6021160
  • info@itc-israel.co.il


  • CityZone - Dvora Ha Nevia 121, Tel Aviv.