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The problems

Traffic jams exponentially growing, specially following to COVID-19

Traffic jams are getting worse every day

Traffic jams are one of the world’s most significant problems. With more people wanting to live in big cities, new cars are getting on the roads each year. Following COVID-19, experts predict that the usage of public transportation will decline, people will still prefer to keep their safety by using their private cars. While the markets are smoothly returning to routine, the traffic jams are going to be a bigger pain than before.

Traffic jams make cities a less attractive place to live in

Traffic jams are strongly connected to the citizen’s time distribution, country expenses, taxes, driver fuel expenses, air pollution, and drivers willingness to obey traffic law. That severe pain makes cities put endless effort into reducing the traffic jams and maximizing their attractiveness, and it comes with big budgets. This problem can be eased using ITC technology.

Israel's car/population ratio

Number of Cars
Number of Poplulation

What we do?

Based on the fact that many traffic jams could be prevented if they managed right before they start to accumulate, ITC provides a quick and feasible solution for reducing traffic jams. ITC provides the traffic light the ability to be adjusted to the traffic behavior, based on current and predicted situations. ITC is providing the intersection cutting-edge data-driven brain, that can understand conditions, statistical models and tendencies, combined with real-time intervention ability.

How can we reduce traffic jams?

ITC system calculates through cameras a range of parameters related to the behaviors of the vehicle in real-time. Leveraging this data source, ITC is using cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms, within different methods from the field of machine learning, assisting ITC to recognize small abnormalities and predict traffic jams enough time before they are starting to accumulate.

How can you know it works?

Traffic engineers around the world approved ITC as a feasible solution that could definitely provide better results than the existing technologies.

The simulation, that is based on real data and was approved by municipalities engineers, ITC reached up to 50% traffic jams reduction, proving that traffic jams prevention by prior response is a feasible recipe for preventing and reducing the traffic jams volume.

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