Accident Prevention

Recognize the situation pattern, prevent accidents, save lives. When a car is coming at high speed to the intersection without slowing down, the possibility for crossing a red light will increase. Our system will recognize the tendency and prevent the accident.

life-saving feature.


Traffic Jams Prevention

Recognize tendency, constantly change traffic light timing allocation, prevent congestion before it occurs and assure maximum capability in the intersection flow.

The feature assures a fully adaptive, and fully automated solution for traffic management.



Result Driven Algorithm 

The system will work as result driven and by Reinforcement Machine Learning methodology will measure the consequence of each decision. while analyze each iteration consequence the system will improve the decision-making algorithm accordingly, until reaching an optimal intersection maximum capability.


Autonomous Cars

V2X connectivity
From the year 2022, each car will have a V2X protocol output signal, and soon we expected to see fully automated cars sync with non-automated.
The system will recognize the autonomous cars, will acknowledge their path and make proper adjustment for them, in order to assure maximum synchronization.
The autonomous cars era will improve ITC system accuracy.


Real-Time GPS Integration

Todays GPS application has a deep prediction ability base on statistics and experience. the system is not always relevant for a real-time decision since its depend on the current users that using the GPS. ITC smart algorithms will consider the application ability to recognize the tendency of traffic jams accumulation, and prediction data available, in order to maximize intersection capability.


Full City Solution

Our smart traffic lights can talk to each other.
We know that if we solve the congestion only in one intersection we just pass it to the next one. Each intersection communicates with the neighbor intersections, assure to take in the consideration the influence of each decision in the grid aspect. Allot of academic research was made in this aspect. ITC innovation is in solving the grid limitation wit recursive algorithms with limited weights, to assure the sweet spot between the local solution and the grid considerations.

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