Each day people spend time in traffic jams that we can prevent, by recognizing and manage them before they accumulate.

We believe its time to change it!

Our vision

We are leveraging the power of AI algorithms, providing real-time adaptive traffic light management solutions to maximize intersections capabilities.

Each one of us had an idle moment, waiting at an intersection, and seeing inadequate traffic light timing allocation.

Today’s traffic lights are primitive, without adjustment ability to the intersection properties in real-time.

INRIX institute provides concerning facts about traffic jams. While Berlin has average speed of 17 KM/H, in London, the average driver lost 178 yearly hours, and USA congestion cost the country more than 87$ billion each year.

ITC develope innovative system that can predict traffic jams before they are starting to accumulate. ITC, together with its design partners, succeed mathematically prove how many traffic jams could be prevented if we manage them right before they starting to accumulate. 

The world has an endless number of traffic lights and a population facing a limited range of traffic jams solutions. While ITC is continuously expanding globally, it gives all of us to spend more time with our family.

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Our partners


The company working by SaaS model, providing software that converges to tailor-made specific intersection solutions according to the intersection feedbacks (Reinforcement Machine Learning method), assuring results are becoming better with the time of use. Therefore, it’s a strong incentive for SaaS monthly payment. The more you use – the better the result.

Given the low installation and operation cost and the vast economic benefit (from the traffic jams hours saved, which we know how to calculate) to the end-user, the company profit will be increased significantly with the experience and benchmarks of how much money it’s saving to the end-user, daily.

We are aiming to leverage the data set we own from intersections to improve system data manipulations ability, to the stage that we will always be significantly ahead of the competitors that will arise in the future. In this model, the company can work on high profit on each system, and still increasing its sales due to its success benchmarks worldwide.
Contacts us to hear more about our business models, and ways for further collaboration.

Contact us for more information:

Intelligent Traffic Control LTD | +972-77-6021160  | info@itc-israel.co.il

Office 1 (Headquarter): WeWork, Shoken 23, Tel Aviv 

Office 2: Ha-aliya Ha-shniya 43, Azor 

Office 3: CityZone – Dvora HaNevi’a St 121, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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