Each day people spend time in traffic jams that could be avoided with ITC system.

We belive its time to change it!

Our vision

Using the power of AI algorithms, providing real-time adaptive traffic light management solution to maximize intersections capabilities.

Each one of us had a idle moment, waiting at an intersection and seeing inadequate traffic light timing allocation.

Today’s traffic lights are primitive, without adjustment ability to the intersection properties in real time.

INRIX institute provides concerning facts about the situation, that Berlin has an average speed of 17 KM/H, in London, the average person lost 178 yearly hours, and USA congestion cost the county 87$ billion.

ITC develope innovative system that can predict traffic jams before they starting to accumulate. ITC mathematically prove that there is a lot of traffic jams that could be prevented if we manage the traffic right on the first seconds that traffic jams starting to accumulate.
While there is an endless number of a traffic light in the world, and a fraction of them have some sense of understanding about traffic quantity, ITC could provide the world traffic light smart brain the can understand traffic tendencies and manage the traffic accordingly, and give us to spend more time with our family.

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Our partners


In a joint project with Israel National Roads and Ministry of Transport, ITC currently building its first intersection full set system. ITC is going to be the first one in Israel to make a fully adaptive AI Traffic light (Press announcement). While the world has an endless number of traffic lights, with very few smart ones +  the range of the solutions to the problem growth is limited, new solutions for smart management should be provided. 
Using our personal connections  leverage, we aim to finish 4 pilots by the end of 2019, start sales and go globe at 2020.
Contacts us to hear more about our business models, and ways for further collaboration.
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